How We Met Pt. 3

Before I found out Sunil was invited to the party, I did everything in my power to find out if he was going. I remember baking cupcakes the morning of the party and asking my aunt who was invited. I listed a bunch of the normal people who usually attend our events and I threw Sunil’s aunts name in there (I wasnt trying to be obvious that I liked him). My aunt confirmed that she was invited but she did not know if they were coming. But that was all that I needed to hear.

When I finished making the cupcakes for the party, I started to get dress. I kid you not, I changed my outfit 100 times because I wanted to look my best in hopes of seeing Sunil. 

When I decided what to wear, I packed up my cupcakes and headed to the party. When we pulled up to my uncles house I scanned the outdoor area to see if I would notice anyone from Sunils family before I got out the car. They weren’t. But I was there kinda early to help with some final preparations.

When I walked inside to put the cupcakes away, Sunils cousin comes running out the house. My emotions took over. I was feeling both extremely excited but terrified at the same time. His aunt, since living in the same area, came over early to help as well. I quickly placed my cupcakes on the table and ran back outside to “hang” with the kids. 

 Once again I was a complete loser. I spent most of the night trying to occupy myself so I wouldn’t be corned by him but still keeping him within eye sight. But Sunil had other plans. When I was sharing out my cupcakes, he cornered me. He took one from my tray and said they taste as good as they look and complimented my baking skills. He continued to make small talk about the cupcakes. Me on the other hand was looking for anyway out. 

BTW my cupcakes were the bomb

Yes I still have a picture of them, I am still really proud of how they came out

After that convo I spent the rest of the party avoiding him at all cost because I was so embarrassed of the initial interaction and did not want that to happen again.  So I kept myself busy with my cousins

I actually found some photos of that night:

That is Sunil in the bright pink shirt (3rd from the left) in the game truck 
Me in the game truck hiding from Sunil 

I do not remember if we spoke again that night and I do not remember if we saw each other again that summer. And unfortunately we did not even exchange social media (which I kicked myself over about later on). But little did we know our paths were going to cross again. 

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