How We Met Pt. 2

During the summer of 2013 I went to Florida for my usual summer visit. But this visit in particular I am so thankful for all these years later.

His aunt and I was chatting at one of my family functions and she mentioned how her nephews are coming to Florida. During that conversation she was so persistent on how similar I was to her eldest nephew and how we would get along so well. But once again I brushed it off.

July 4th my family had a BBQ and his aunt was there. But this time she had some extra company. I do not remember the exact moment that I met Sunil or the first time I saw him but I do remember how I was instantly attracted to him. You could say it was instant SPARKS! HAHAHAH see what I did there?

Unfortunately, I had NO IDEA how to handle myself around someone I found attractive. So instead of going up to him and giving him my A- GAME flirtation skills, I spent the rest of the night avoiding him nervously. But I always kept him an eye shot away.

I actually went on my aunts FB page and found a pictures from that night:

This is an actual photo of how I was all night. Glued between family members so Sunil wouldn’t have the opportunity to talk to me alone and see how much of a dweeb I was in real life.

Funny side story regarding this photo too. Sunil at first thought I was dating the boy on the left because I wouldn’t leave his side all night. And since that was Sunil’s first time meeting my family and it was a large party, he was not too familiar with who was family and who wasn’t. But that boy is in fact my 2nd cousin.

By the end of the 4th of July, Sunil and I had barley spoke because of my shyness. But I was shot by cupids arrow and I wanted to see him again, but I just did not know when or how. But to my saving grace, another family party was just a few days away. I kept my finger crossed that he was going to be there, and guess what……HE WAS

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