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I am super excited that I am finally making my own website. Even more stoked that I can have the freedom to make it my own. With that being said, my website will be devoted to all things DISNEY! From my helpful tips and tricks to my MASSIVE Disney collection and merch. Of course my personal life and day to day activities will be added as well, but the main focus will be around Disney

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How We Met Pt. 2

During the summer of 2013 I went to Florida for my usual summer visit. But this visit in particular I am so thankful for all these years later.

His aunt and I was chatting at one of my family functions and she mentioned how her nephews are coming to Florida. During that conversation she was so persistent on how similar I was to her eldest nephew and how we would get along so well. But once again I brushed it off.

July 4th my family had a BBQ and his aunt was there. But this time she had some extra company. I do not remember the exact moment that I met Sunil or the first time I saw him but I do remember how I was instantly attracted to him. You could say it was instant SPARKS! HAHAHAH see what I did there?

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How We Met Pt. 3

Before I found out Sunil was invited to the party, I did everything in my power to find out if he was going. I remember baking cupcakes the morning of the party and asking my aunt who was invited. I listed a bunch of the normal people who usually attend our events and I threw Sunil’s aunts name in there (I wasnt trying to be obvious that I liked him). My aunt confirmed that she was invited but she did not know if they were coming. But that was all that I needed to hear. Continue reading “How We Met Pt. 3”

Favorite Disney Phone Cases

Instagram is a very versatile website. I have met some of my closest friends through the social media site. I have also used it as a customization space to express my love for Disney. Thanks to the ‘Explore Page’ I have also found some amazing Disney merch that wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise.

I’d like to introduce to you my new favorite Disney merch shop, with cute, cheap deals:

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Halloween at Disney

With spooky season upon us, it is no different at the Disney Resorts. With signs of ‘fright’ at every corner, Disney World (in particular) has been ready for this season since August 17th. Yes you read that right, August 17th. While we where trying to soak up the last bit of summer Disney was ready to throw out the pumpkin spice everything. But because of their premature Halloween celebrations I was able to experience Halloween at Disney for the very first time (YAY!). I did not go to the specialty ticked and highly anticipated “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party” but I got my moneys worth of my ticket by spending 17 hours in Magic Kingdom. Yep you read that right too 17 full hours at the Most Magical Place on Earth. I will get more into that on another post.

Magic Kingdom was all decked out in pumpkins and leaves. From the entry way of the parking lot all the way to the hub grass. They also had specialty foods just for the holiday.